Sunday, August 14, 2011

Purpose of the Blog

We're about to get started using this, so a first posting to review what this blog is intended for seems worthwhile.

Kansas Politics is a blog which posts articles about local, political news written by local Kansans. We're are currently a group of students, has-been students, and locals who wanted information regarding local political activities to be more open to ourselves and others. As such, we've set up a schedule to (currently) cover Emporia, McPherson, and Wichita KS, and we hope to cover state politics (and other areas) as well. We all have jobs or classes, so our projected schedule is to update weekly on each of these places. If you're interested in doing something similar for your town, and would like to contribute, then email me at, and I'll have you added so that we can work to gether to write articles covering local politics so that Kansans can be informed.

Also, as this is a political newspaper, I hope to generate a political dialogue as well. The articles which people post regarding factual information about what a local government is doing should be as objective as possible, because dialogue can't occur without trust between participants. But when a question of what ought to be done is being discussed, it is my hope that people bring their biases and argue for them. This type of discussion is how people engage themselves in the political process, and that's very much in the spirit of why we decided to create Kansas Politics.