Sunday, July 10, 2011

Minutes for 7-10-11

Set up a blog/vlog (this website) for: Local political News (attend table discussions and report on them). Post political cartoons, blogs, news links of interest, local news (original reporting), and political information.

Wichita: 9AM table meetigns [what day did Wichita's meetings occur on? I didn't write that down]
McPherson: 8:30 AM at 400 E Kansas Street on Mondays

Website of interest mentioned:

Also, look up Roosevelt's 2nd Bill of Rights. (I found at least a snippet: link)


* Can't lie on the media Act in the U.S. (A link on that)
* Better communication/transparency between the people and the government. Awareness of corporate sponsors
* Revolution! (Supergoal)
* Philosophy cirriculum mandatory
* Class should be a political issue
* Wal Mart Union! (IWW?)
Immediate Goals:

1) Pesture representatives to make Topeka's website navigable, and so it contains information regarding what has been passed, and what is in debate. Specifically, we'd like to know when the Kansas legislature meets, and would like them to post archived videos of their meetings online.
2) This Blog, post more articles, Facebook group operational
3) Tell people about our group to get involved

Contact information:
Legislature: 785-296-2391 TTY 771
Governer Press release: 785-368-7138

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